Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I do a lot of web reading type stuff, and since Blogger's not advanced enough to put in my links, you have to browse over to my page. It's a social bookmarking website. You can find out all sorts of nifty things there. It also serves as a place to congregate all of your reading in case anyone is interested in what you are looking at from day to day. I had it before, but I didn't know the keyboard shortcut so I never used it. But, now I do, so I am using it more frequently.

If you are saying to yourself, he didn't use it because he didn't know the keyboard shortcut, you need to know me a little better. I'm all about organization and quickness. I use this program called quicksilver for my mac*. If you have never heard of it, look it up. It's one of the best programs that I have ever used, and, more importantly, it's absolutely free!

*you'll need to be running Tiger on your mac for it to work. There is a Panther edition, but it would be better if you run it on Tiger.