Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Night is Always Right

If you haven't discovered by now, I'm really into music. These are videos from the two genres I have yet to post anything about yet mean a lot to me: post-punk and noise. Noise music is argued by some not to be actual music. I wholly disagree. A lot of people think of music in such concrete terms with regards to verse-chorus-verse and hooks and melodies. Noise is just as musical as traditional pop songs. The main difference is its inversion of the traditional paradigm.

Instead of suggesting that music has to be palatable, saccharine, and easily digestible, noise has decided to test the format of music by doing everything in the opposite by making itself a very aggressive, grating, and heavily inaccessible form. The instrumentation changed as well. No longer was it purely guitars and drum kits. Those instruments are still used, but their fundamental cores are so drastically changed, they essentially serve as vessels for extracting different sonic waves and frequencies for processing. But, even within the cacophony and abrasiveness, there is a true musiciality as all noise artists, when not trying to maim their audience, want to evoke a feeling around their music, which is what music on all levels does. Some bands decide to use an intense backbeat as their structure; others wander through the sonic jungle. Regardless, each of these bands brings their own perspective and wishes through noise to the masses. Whether you choose to accept or not is your own choice.

It might not be your style. You could conceivably might not want to be scared shitless every time you turn on a particular record, but you must consider it as music. The artists are just as creative, work just as hard, and think just as much about their sound as the next artist. Yea, this was just my opinion, but I don't appreciate people calling things not music just because it doesn't please them. I don't like folk music, but I'll still call it music because it is. Noise is Music too! Don't hate.

That said, these are No Way Out- Love of Diagrams (AMAZING!)

and Hair Police live in London