Thursday, April 26, 2007

Free Katie Holmes

Everyday, I read a crazier story about her life. Today, Celebitchy posted on a request that Tom made towards Katie:

Katie Holmes has hardly left Tom Cruise’s side since they began dating in April 2005.

However, that support has caused her grief. According to one Hollywood insider, the actress, who gave birth to daughter Suri last year, has been told by her husband to attend “mommy classes” taught by Scientologists.

(”There are parenting classes,” a Scientology source confirms.)

“Katie was quite offended by that,” the source tells Us. “Can you imagine when you’re 28 and have your first child to be told you need to go to this church to become a better mom?

Now, I could easily bash Scientology for being the pointless non-religion that it is. Anything that is developed by a science fiction writer and talks about an alien coming to Earth and leaving souls trapped within volcanoes is clearly a lie. But, I won't go there now as I could go on for hours about that. The bigger shocker to me about this all is that Katie Holmes is actually a good parent. She takes care of her child and is only in the tabloids out of concern for both herself and her career, which has tanked since she got married and formed TomKat, defender of Xenu (sorry, I had to do it). I only have three words for this situation: