Monday, April 23, 2007

This is What An Asshole Does

Lifetime TV Becomes Mouthpiece For Radical Feminist Lobbying Machine
Whether or not David R. Usher is correct (I think he's absolutely wrong, which I will explain later), how fucking nuts is that argument? I didn't know that the reruns of Frasier and Will and Grace during the day were causing seditious thought to rise within the housewife, young business executives, and other women in America. But, seriously, this guy is an asshole. It's Lifetime, television for women. What women only have three channels on television and one of them (WE: Women's Entertainment) is as irrelevant as BET. So, two channels they have. Is it really the end of the world if women make movies about other women that women may actually want to watch? Is that a crime? Do I need to write a letter to Ralph Nader telling him, hey, you need to tell Lifetime to stop being so friendly towards the female persuasion. They are making us men look bad? Usher really needs to fry some of the larger fish in his argument such as his suggestion that women have the right to be beaten as he suggests. This is ridiculous, and I'm slightly upset by the fact that I have acknowledged his argument by actually reading it.