Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Presidential Political Strategy Session

Now, I'm just a guy. A guy with a keyboard and a solid knowledge of the American political system and its pointless nuances. With that said, I'm going to, from time to time, offer some strategic advice to political candidates. If you like what you read, send me a line. I'm easily findable.

Anyway, the first state to have a primary New Hampshire is having a debate in June. Everyone from both sides has decided to attend except for two people: Hilary Clinton and Barry Obama. Let's look at the numbers and the facts here. There are like, what, 30 people running for the presidency this year. I'm not going to acknowledge the republicans as Clinton and O to the Bama are not of that persuasion.

Now, I know that they are running against such political luminaries as Joseph Biden of Delaware, Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, OH, and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, but, seriously, what sort of message does it send when you miss a debate in a state that could essentially help you to shore up the party nomination. Everyone else is grinding away, talking to people, networking, and convincing people that they are qualified to be president. Why aren't you, Hilary? Barry?

To Hilary and Barry: Are you so confident in your electability that you are willing to miss a debate that could hand you the state and put you one step closer to the general election? New Hampshire is the pace setter for the country. I know that Super Tuesday is in February now, but it is always important to get on the good foot. And, as it still stands now, New Hampshire is not a throwaway state. It is one of the more moderate states in the country, and can serve as a good measurement on your candidacy.

Additionally, think about the present. Both of you are constantly being criticized on your records as well as your distaste for talking about issues of politics in public. I know both of you have, but you need to talk about it a little more and get the public aware of where you stand on things. This can serve as a good opportunity for both of you to do that. I cannot imagine why both of you would have a problem with attending, especially if both of you are serious about winning this election. Think about the supporters that you could be losing to Biden if you don't show up but he does. Don't forget about Edwards either! He's a first-tier candidate with a strong, tragic figure of a wife and better hair than anyone could ever imagine. He's progressive and has a growing base on the internet, and those internet folks have proven they love to vote and support democracy. These facts cannot be disregarded.

I know that I can't change your minds, but you should think about those things and how they could affect you in the long term. You just don't think that yet, but you will when you hit The Situation Room and the tenacious Wolf Blitzer*.

*strategist aside, how fucking awesome is the name Wolf Blitzer?