Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just a reminder

James Brown, although dead and maintaining an anti-woman agenda during his lifetime as proven by his domestic violence record, is still one of the best artists ever. His music was dynamic, creative, innovative, and spoke to a generation of young Black people in the inner city. And to add to this, he had one of the best bands of all time supporting him in the JB's. Listen to most of his popular songs, it's his band and him just flowing off one another. That is a talent based out of great skill, talent, and sheer playing time together.

In the previous post, Chance is playing a cover of James Brown, only adding to my point. As well, much of hip-hop is based on James Brown. If you listen to enough, you can hear James Brown breaks everywhere. As well, how many artists can say that they stopped Boston from rioting in 1968 following the political assassination of MLK, Jr.? Only James Brown can. In short, and in truly American language, if you hate James Brown, you hate Black people and America.