Thursday, April 26, 2007

Learn your ABC's

Here are two reasons to do so. The Gift of Gab and Papoose. Gab's older and wrote the classic, to me at least, "rhyme like a nut." It was from back in his days as a member of the solesides collective started by DJ Shadow. I'm not a huge Blackalicious fan, but it doesn't work for me. It's too mellow, and I like my rap to be hyphy, but not hyphy. I'm not trying to ghostride the Camry any time soon.

Papoose is the real future, not the Rick Ross future meaning when he finally drops his album, it will be HAWT! He dropped a hot song following the death of Sean Bell at the vicious hands of the New York Police Department called "52 Shots." He's whip smart and a refreshing voice in the hip-hop game. People are calling him the revision of Nas or the real future king of New York. Regardless, neither of these cats could do this without their knowledge of the alphabet and the English language, putting them above 95% of the crap that flows across your radio now.

Gift of Gab