Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mike Jones?!


At no time in my life has a sex tape been made on me. - Mike Jones

Now, I really don't want to see a Mike Jones sex tape. Mike Jones is frankly unattractive and I'd also be scared that he would bite me like a vampire with those fang-like grillz he's always wearing. But, I posted this to make a comment about the grammar of the above statement.

The last time that I checked, no one makes a sex tape on someone. They usually make it WITH someone. Better, you could have not been involved with a sex tape or been filmed having sex. But, Mike Jones, you would, of course, flatter yourself into thinking that people are planning logistics to make a porno about you and your sexual relations. Additionally, Mike Jones, don't claim that you are about the kids when your first album was covered in talking about materialism and drinking the lean. I thought we were supposed to keep our kids away from drugs and consumerism.