Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recent Jamz

So, yes, if you didn't read before, I've been out of the country (that's rural country, not the USA) for the past week or so. While I've been gone, I've been listening to hot jams. Since I drove to Ohio, I spent the first leg listening to a lot of loud jams because I was kind of asleep during the first part. On the second leg back, I listened to a ton of hip-hop. I refound my love for Gang Starr and Outkast. After two subpar albums, you forget how good Outkast actually are as rappers as proven on ATLiens AND Aquemini. The only down side of it was that one song where they scream "Mamacita! Papadonna!" That song pissed me off. Kanye, at least to me, proved that he's been fly for years although The College Dropout is a little preachy for me. Kids that blew me out of the water were Kidz in the Hall. Their album School is My Hustle, while preachy at points as well, is a high-quality, Rawkus-released, fully voiced and realized hip-hop album. I wish that more rap albums sounded like this album. The MC was witty, the beats were hard yet complex, and the topics were interesting. That's what's up too.