Friday, June 1, 2007

The Freestyle

The Freestyle is the foundation of all rap music. Some MC's have written verses that are hot enough to justify them not freestyling such as Andre 3000. But, there are a lot of rappers who have had their careers killed because they can't drop a hot freestyle. The best rappers in the game are the ones that can consistently rhyme with quality off the dome. But a freestyle king does not make a all-time great. I watched this battle a few years ago where this dude Eyedea won the title after dropping some fairly complex freestyles. But his album work was weak and I thought that he wasted the beats he was given a lot of the time. Additionally, what up Remy Ma? When you going to drop something that I would actually want to listen to on record. I know you can freestyle; I watched you in the Fight Klub. While freestyling is not the end all, freestyling is the solidification of a legend in rap. That and a hot album of three and getting the crowd live. The trifecta of rap if you will. With that said, I'm going to post a pretty good freestyle I found from last week's Rap City. If you are unfamiliar with Rap City, Rap City brings a lot of rappers on the show to just drop freestyles in the booth. Some dudes are fresh. Others not so much. But, the real gamers are the ones that make you make sounds while they're rapping. Serius Jones is one such rapper.