Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is Further Proof of Why La Vida Lohan is in Rehab

Yesterday, I posted a photo of Lindsay Lohan's current fucktoy Calum (not Callum as I spelled it. Yea, I could have changed it, but someone might read this off the RSS and it gets all wonky when you change stuff in old posts) Best doing blow off hookers while being taped on camera. While that didn't really bother me all that much (I mean, I did come up in a city with a mayor who smokes crack), and actually this new news doesn't bother me that much either. It just helps me to make a larger point about Lindsay Lohan and her need for rehab.

As shown by her current relocation to Malibu, Ms. Lohan does not have the best decision making skills. Along with him being a hooker-infatuated blowhard (rimshot!), M. Best is also an illegitimate baby's daddy. I don't generally believe a lot of these stories unless there is clear proof that this could have actually happened. Regardless of whether or not this guy is the actual father of this child, I want these celebrities who think they have the right to fuck anything that passes in a pair of Sevens or a skirt to think about something: getting set up.

While I'm sure that many of these people have sex with people of the same economic situation as themselves, this doesn't mean that someone isn't trying to juice you for your paper. Dudes and Lasses, if some bitch comes on to you at the club and is willing to put out, protect yourself. Just like in the story with Best, the girl was on the pill and clearly that didn't work. You got to take precautions for these types of things. Why do you want to waste that money that you could be spending on Grey Goose, blow, Oxy, Vicodin, Weed, Bourbon, Paul Frank, Designer Jeans, Blackberries, Macs, Jumpsuits, Suits, Blazers, Shoes, etc to take care of some kids? So, please celebrities, help control the child population, shield your penis and protect your vajayjay.