Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why I Don't Work In Government

Apparently, the Bush Administration is unwilling to test all cows for mad cow disease even though some farms are fully willing and interested in testing to make sure that they deliver a safe product. Maybe I've missed something, but doesn't usually testing a product for safety lead to better sales for said product? I mean, that simple idea worked for Hyundai. No one used to want to set foot within a half-mile of one of those cars if they didn't have to. Now, classy folks are buying them up like hot cakes after Consumer Reports and NHTSA actually gave them some dap for their updating and making a higher quality product now.

The Bush Administration argues against this seemingly stone-cold lock logic by saying that such testing would create a "false positive that would harm the meat industry". Yet again, this argument still doesn't really make sense. Does that make sense to you? The idea that not testing the meat will make us safer than testing it? I'm confused thinking about that. Clearly, I would never be a good yes man in an administration, which is pretty much every position except for being the VP or the President. You can't tell me otherwise, The West Wing.