Friday, July 20, 2007

Before We Start

I'm going to make the following statement: Girl Afraid is the best song ever made by the Smiths. There are a lot of other good songs by the Smiths as well. I'm not trying to discredit the merits of those songs. But, I am saying that by selecting Girl Afraid, I believe that the song best holds to the band model set by the Smiths.

It is a song of alienation, angst, and awkward teen feelings. The drums and bass are powerful, but not overpowering. The guitar playing is sharp and technical, but not overwhelmingly so. Morrissey stays in control of his voice, blending it in with the overall vibe of the song while still showing that he has fantastic chops. Additionally, this song is loved by fans, but it was not a mainstream hit; Girl Afraid was the song that requires having a knowledge of the band. But, as we all know, most of the time the singles are not the best songs from a band. Instead, the album tracks and b-sides are where a band truly shine because they don't have to pull radio play on the b side; the band is allowed to play in their purest form. Girl Afraid is a b-side. Girl Afraid is the perfect example of what the sound of the Smiths truly is.

You can disagree by all means, but think about what I've said here especially if you are a Smiths fan. Also, if you catch the BBC Crown Jewels concert of the band, you'll notice that the set would have been a lot better if they had played Girl Afraid. It was still a good set, but it didn't hit its optimal.