Thursday, July 19, 2007

Information Blast: Mental Health Day

Yo, my day got wrecked by having to do grocery shopping. It threw my whole schedule off, and I'm not feeling super motivated to do anything; my spirit is not here, especially since this is my time. So, with that said, I'm going to throw some D's on this bitch and peace out. I'll start with this video from liberal hippie Max Blumenthal attending a College Republicans conference. Note the interpretive dancing towards the end.

  • Buddhism really does have gods and goddesses. Well, slap me with a stick.
  • On a more surprising note as it is a low-level lightbulb, Easy Bake Ovens can burn your kids.
  • President Bush's attempts to kill NPR and PBS have been thwarted by the representatives of America. I guess Bush really doesn't like Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
  • In addition to low quality standards, China has low journalism standards too. I guess they are becoming the America of the East after all.
  • Before you read the following piece, I have to say that the BMI is bullshit as it is an inaccurate measure of body mass. And, I'm saying this as someone who isn't obese in reality, but is obese on this scale because the system does not differentiate between muscle and fat. 75% of America will be overweight by 2015.
  • Pimp My Ride, the X to the Z Xzibit-hosted festival of turning pieces of trash into flashy pieces of trash through the magic of jump cuts, is being canned.
  • Paul F. Tompkins, a name familiar to anyone who watches Best Week Ever, does an interview with the AV Club over at The Onion.
  • The Emmy nominations came out today. Friday Night Lights, one of my favorite new shows, got no love in major categories and only got two bids overall. But, my other favorite new shows 30 Rock and Ugly Betty got 10 bids each. Also, props to House and The Office.
Oh yea, a building collapsed in Mumbai, killing 22. There are suicide attacks going on in Pakistan. Today, 51 people were killed. And, America still is split about the war with one half saying that it's cool. The other half doesn't really agree with the first half. So, that's about it. I need to go recharge. I'm back tomorrow with some intensity. I think it's the summer heat which is making me wilt away.