Monday, July 16, 2007

Information Blast!!!!

I think this something that I will start doing more often, as in everyday. I put up all of these small posts with links to things. Instead, I can be more effective and efficient by putting them all together in one large post. This is a much better idea anyway. So, we're breaking the bottle of champagne on this ship and setting sail...

  • Rapper Remy Ma is arraigned on an attempted murder charge in NYC. She didn't get the memo that going to jail does not give you hardbody credentials anymore.
  • La Vida Lohan is now out of Promises. Maybe she can actually drive her car now.
  • One out of 12 people use illegal drugs according to a new government study. Frankly, I'm surprised that it's not 1 out of 2.
  • Japan had a 6.8 earthquake. Suffice it to say, some shit definitely got fucked up.
  • Harry Potter's last film makes $77.4 Million this past weekend proving that people still haven't realized that Harry Potter totally blows.
  • The sexiest post-op transsexual on television Rebecca Romijn married Jerry O'Connell. You might remember O'Connell from such gems as Sliders, Kangaroo Jack, and Joe's Apartment. I have to ask, Rebecca: is this an upgrade from John Stamos?
  • Black guy extraordinaire Barack Obama is swimming in cash. $34 million to be exact. Clearly, he is the best candidate.
  • 85 Dead in Iraq. How many of those benchmarks did the Iraqis achieve again? Oh, that's right. None!
  • Man reminded that we are the animal kingdom's bitch.
  • All child pornographers don't get to make it on America's Most Wanted, especially when they are in Spain.
  • Jim Gilmore has dropped out of the presidential race. This slims down the bloated presidential race to a svelte SEVENTEEN!
  • Is this the cure for cancer?