Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Gay Mayor in Texas? Shenanigans.

There are no shenanigans here. Continuing in the posting about homosexuality, a local businessman in Dallas, TX is up for election. If he wins, he would be the first openly gay mayor of a large city in America. Since Dallas is a liberal city but in the Bible Belt of America, there is a strong dichotomy between the pro-gay and anti-gay groups in the city. Many people are considering whether or not they will vote for the person because they are gay. Dallas has a history of openly gay persons serving the city.

A representative for the gay-berhood of Oak Lawn was the first one elected in 1993. Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, a lesbian, was elected in 2005. So, if he were to win, it would not be unprecedented.

While I cannot speak for Dallas voters, I can say that, as long as his policies are good and would be doing good for the city, I would vote for a gay candidate without hesitation. Sexual orientation should not matter in politics. Policy is policy and that has to be acknowledged and respected. What you do in your own time is your own business as long as it does not affect the city adversely.