Friday, June 15, 2007

Why Mike Gravel Should Win

If you didn't watch The Daily Show last night or read Wonkette on a daily basis, you are missing possibly the greatest political ads of all time. And, I say that with all sincerity. Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel is running a completely amazing underground campaign right now for the Democratic bid in 2008. He does all of the things that people actually want done, but the mainstream media won't let you hear about because they hate underdogs. They only want people who are ready for the camera and willing to do pointless photo ops in small town diners with Asian and Black kids.

While I have expressed support for Edwards, I kind of want this guy to win, although I know that will never happen. Anyway, he has decided to turn the political advertisement on its head with a couple of very innovative, creative spots for his own campaign. Unlike the generic political ad of a politician walking around somewhere or surrounded by a multi-ethnic cast and spewing off a lot of doublespeak, Gravel actually doesn't talk at all in these ads; he just does. Let me show you what I mean....

Mike Gravel stares uncomfortably at a camera then throws a rock into a pond. This is brilliant advertising. He is not about talking. He is there. He will stand his ground. And he is here to make waves, unlike the other candidates. The poignancy. The simplicity. The absolute genius. I want to elect him RIGHT NOW!

As if this weren't enough, Mike Gravel comes with it again in another ad where he gathers wood, starts a fire, and lets it burn. Brilliant.

I can't express how refreshing it is to see this type of political advertising. I now really want this guy to win the bid and become the new president. GRAVEL 2008!