Friday, June 15, 2007

Time For Baseball, Mix Tapes, and Romanticism

With the NBA Finals over, it is now officially summer. Congrats to the Spurs, but, to be real, I knew you were going to win it from day one. So, that congrats is hollow. Anyway, with them having won, the summer is now in full swing. The air is now filled with the crack of bats and buzz of cicadas and lightning bugs flying through the hazy summer air, interrupted by the click-clack of spinning freewheels and the knock on the screen door.

People become more friendly as they trade the oppressive surrounding of their interiors for the eternal magic that exists on their porches and stoops. Friends who were too busy now have time to settle in and take a drink or two. Everyone swaps their jeans for shorts and skirts. A summer shower is only a brief interruption from cruising the streets, lounging out in the park, and listening to mixtapes made especially for the summer.

The summer is now the time to chase that one who has clouded your mind. You'll be typing at your computer and you'll see their face pop up in your mind. They're there when you close your eyes at night, surrounding your thoughts and whispering in your ear. You see them looking radiant on a bright, starry night with their face glowing in the moonlight. This is the point in time when you realize that your fascination with the person is something more; it's really love, a realization that you cannot exist without that person. But, this is the summer, and like the summer, everything must fade away. Love doesn't fade, especially when it's true.

This song is for all of the true romantics. From their new album, this is To The East by Electrelane.

Bodies can be apart, but spirits will always be together. Nothing will be right until your love comes back to your arms. Who knows when this will happen or if it will happen. All you know is that you want it to happen because it is the way it must be.