Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting Our War On

For a long while, well after they actually invaded Iraq, I've been of the belief that the axis of evil that Bush announced in one of his initial State of the Union addresses was far more than a rhetorical strategy to show the need for America to restrict the rights of citizens. It was, in fact, a road map to the Bush World Liberation Tour.

CNN, when not covering Paris Hilton, has only helped to bolster this idea by publishing a report that says the US now has "irrefutable proof" that Iran has been shipping weapons to the resurgent Taliban movement in Afghanistan. If you read the article and know anything about the Taliban, this doesn't make sense. The Taliban is a Sunni group, putting them at direct opposition to the Shi'ite-led Iran.

With yet another specious argument, the Bush administration has proven that it has no scruples and is scraping the bottom of the barrel to justify an attack on Iran. But, you know what's better about all of this, I'm sure that I will read and hear about this all day as the claims are questioned by well-intentioned journalists such as Wolf Blitzer. For that dude to have such a cool name, Wolf Blitzer's kind of a douche and should display more skepticism.