Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yep, Yep, Yep

We've been getting pelted with rain out here. Driving on the highway was incredibly dangerous today. The rain just came down in sheets. I couldn't see a foot in front of my car in points. It was completely crazy. We also did poorly in trivia. We knew the answer but we didn't bet any money, so our arch rivals The Thundercats won. It was bad times. But, driving home with far less rain but a foggy window was fun. I blasted Josef K the whole way home. So, to end today's posting, I'm posting a video of sorry for laughing by the aforementioned band.

Enjoy this video. Also, three away from three hundred posts. There won't be some strange celebration of it, but it will be labeled post three hundred. The novelty of reaching each hundred will eventually wear off, but it hasn't yet. So, with that comment, I bid adieu. We'll pick this up again tomorrow.