Friday, June 15, 2007

She Just Cut A Bitch

Usually, well-intentioned feminists are pigeonholed as non-shaving, man hating lesbians. While this is not true in many situations (feminists are fantastic people), it is in this one. According to MSNBC, four lesbians attacked a straight man on the street in front of the IFC in NYC (That's so hip. All in acronyms!).

Now, before I saddle the lesbians with all the blame, I will let MSNBC's reporting give you the background on this story:

The four sentenced Thursday were convicted April 18 after assaulting Buckle, who had made advances at one of the seven as they walked past him outside the Independent Film Center in Greenwich Village on Aug. 18, 2006.

Johnson testified at trial that her group told Buckle they were not interested and he became loud and rude, called them names and threw a cigarette at them while saying that having sex with him would make them straight. She said the fight started after Buckle pushed and shoved them.

Now, these women live in New York City. While I'm not saying that what Buckle, the man, in this situation is acceptable, I am saying that these women are probably yelled at a lot and receive a lot of rude comments. But, that doesn't justify getting shanked, which this guy did.

Before I get a lot of hate from feminists, I am not defending anything this man did. I am saying that the women should have never let the situation get this far, especially when they are seven strong against his one. Additionally, he was bootlegging on the street. Most cops would have been happy to rough him up a bit for the ladies because if cops hate nothing more than black people, they hate bootleggers.