Monday, June 11, 2007

I Will Prove That My Mind Is A Visual Wasteland With The Following Post

To prove this, I will have to state the following: I grew up watching TONS of MTV. To begin, when I was growing up, I used to watch this show on MTV called Sandblast which was hosted by surfer named Peter and a young Kari Wuhrer. Anyway, the show was a beach-based competition. It was actually pretty interesting, but it was only on for three years. Anyway, it was like American Gladiators in the sense that there was a final challenge that they had to pass. The only thing that I can remember of it is that they had to step on these hydraulic pads to get launched across a pool. Whenever they got to this part of the show, they would play this one song. I learned over time that it was a Luscious Jackson song, but I could never find the song. That is, until now. I present to you Luscious Jackson - Daughter of the Kaos, a song I've had stuck in my head for about a decade now.