Monday, August 27, 2007

Blame Entourage

Turtle's love for the early 90s hits led to this getting stuck in my head.

Also, for future reference from that episode of Entourage, chiba hawking is alright. I did it for a while, and I know people who did it. It is a totally acceptable habit to partake in. But, there are ethics to such manoeuvres, the most of basic is which don't act like the shit is yours. You are in a privileged position. You didn't bring shit to this party, but you're getting it for no cost to yourself. By being in such a position, you are already doing better than before. It is important, and probably one of the few rules of smoking conduct, to remember that while your presence as a free smoker is cool, acting like the shit is yours is not.

I'll use an example, actually where this issue raised itself in my mind: the same episode that reminded me of Snow in fact. Anyway, Turtle picks up some girls in the grocery store. Some blonde in a tight t-shirt. Very generically pretty girl. She has friends. Turtle's got friends. A Grand plan ensues. The girls that Turtle has picked up are two types. There are two of the girls who are chill about the whole situation. Then, there is this brunette who is just so siced (read: hyped.) on this dude she doesn't know's stash. They are driving along. The girl just panics not about nay incident but because she would lose the weed. In fact, he did lose the weed; the police cop made him throw it down a storm drain. Turns up, that storm drain was shallow because Turtle could pull the stash back out. As expected, the brunette was mad siced over this dude's stash.

Such overenthusiasm for someone else's stash reminded me of the fine balance of being a chiba hawk. Just because you are a woman doesn't mean that I have to smoke you out. I do that out of generosity, and that generosity can be abused by all genders, races, and creeds. It is very much a privilege not a right to get the free smoking. A Public Service Announcement.