Thursday, August 30, 2007

LNS: Because I Love All Of You

Today, the celebrity world was thrown into a tizzy by the following fact: Britney Spears has leaked some new music. AWWWWWWWW SHEEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!

I think that was overkill. I'm not really that excited. I'm really just glad that she isn't in the press for trying to wear a shirt as a dress, dressing like a seven-year-old child, being grossly negligent of her own children, or flashing her vag. And, for that reason, I am excited about this reality.

But, music isn't about the person who makes it. If that were the case, Jewel would be huge with men (She has breasts the size of my head!). But, she's not because her music sucks on ice. It's cool if you are into it, but it's not this guy's bag. And, this is coming from someone who listened to Jewel for most of his high school career.

My emo trippings aside, the Britney songs aren't very good, not very good at all. Actually, they suck. I don't even think that these songs will be popular in the gay clubs and those cats love dancing. And, when you can't get spins at the gay club, your career is pretty much in jeopardy with no sweet filler music.