Thursday, August 30, 2007


So, porn star Amber Peach is coming to the Internet to fulfill a strange request: getting saps to bankroll her breast augmentation. That's right, Amber Peach wants you, the casual porn viewer/connoisseur, to pay for her new boobs. There's a website that you can go to and learn more about it as she's keeping a blog.

Now, she might think that she needs boob implants. Even if she actually does (I don't care either way. I've never heard of this lass before), shouldn't she be able to bankroll this herself. I know female porn stars get paid a lot. They should for some of the degradation that they have to suffer through on some films (I'm not trying to be double penetrated. Period). Regardless of how they got it, female porn stars are pretty well off. I would think that Peach could take care of that herself.

Even if she cannot take care of it, I figure that her agency (all porn freelancers work through agencies. Thanks cable movie channels!) should be able to give her the money and write it off as a business expense. The best part about it all: they wouldn't be lying.

With these options existing, I can't imagine what she was thinking by asking the public. But, then again, there's some dirty old man who will probably give her the 5K she needs. I only hope for him that they are the best boobs ever and that he gets to touch them. I really hope that he gets to touch them. Actually, let me correct that: I hope that he OR she gets to touch them. I shouldn't neglect the women who watch porn as well since it is totally OK and awesome to do so.