Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Social Experiment

With the uproar that has surrounded the third runner up in the Teen Miss USA pageant (saying her name only gives her more credit than she deserves for believing in pageants), many people have been investigating the seeming stupidity of the 9/11 generation. This is a totally worthwhile process because I don't really trust my generation with the future right now. I believe that my generation is smart, but future leaders? I'm going to have to take a push on that one to seem democratic.

But, in the interest of democracy, everyone should know that 9/11 happened in 2001. I can almost tell you to a T what happened on that very day from when I was first informed about it, how I got home, what I saw, and all of the details. And, I do mean all of them. The only thing that I couldn't tell you is what I was doing when the actual towers got hit because I wasn't near a television or at school proper.

I guess my memory is pretty good compared to some other peoples as many young Americans, people who only lived through 9/11 six years ago, could not remember that it was 2001. I mean, shit, this is my generation's Challenger, and these kids can't remember it. How do you forget seeing two 1000+ ft. buildings collapse upon themselves? It literally blows my mind.

TMZ has a video posted of this puzzling phenomenon. You would think that an event as catastrophic as 9/11, which led to the war on terrorism and the deaths of over 2,700 people, would be better remembered by the youth of this country.