Friday, August 31, 2007

Wow, I Just Don't Care

I've been reading through the news today. I applaud for making gay marriage cool with everyone in Iowa, not really by their choice but we'll let that slide. As I noted earlier, Craig's still getting grilled, but otherwise, not a lot is happening. So, I'm going to take that as a sign and hit the Cunningham.

I'm leaving with a video from the group currently known as Cocoa Brovaz. They used to be Smif-n-Wessun, but you can see the obvious problem with this name. This is the video that got spins on The Box and BET back in the early 90s. That was back in the days when BET used to play real music during Rap City.

In any sort of last news, I read that Fergie doesn't particularly like Maria Sharapova, Madonna is crazy, and David Beckham wants more kids. I don't actually know why anyone would want to pay attention to these people. Also, can Guy Ritchie stop putting her in movies. Madonna only did one good movie and that was A League of Their Own. And, she wasn't even the best person in the movie. That title goes to pretty much anyone but Madonna. It's the only role that was marginally memorable as a good one for Lori Petty. I remember Tank Girl, but that movie sucked. Tank Girl was worse than Last Action Hero, another bad movie. Alright, I'm out. I'll come up with something in the coming days to post on. But, that coming day is not the rest of today.