Monday, August 27, 2007

Information Stream: Gossip is Abound

Today's only real news story is that of woefully incompetent Attorney General actually stepping down from his position. The left is excited about this, but not that excited. I'm not really either. Gonzales has now just accomplished something that I've wanted him to do for months now. So, I say to him good riddance. If you would like to know what he said, look here and feel greatly underwhelmed and slighted. Now, onto other news...

  • The Onion's AV Club has been cranking out a lot of lists this year. This is another one, focusing on shows that had meteoric highs and just as spectacular falls. For the modern youth, think about the rise and fall of The O.C. They also talked about Moonlighting, but there are other shows that many of you most likely remember.
  • I found a story on the BBC this morning about a girl who ran 3500 km across China. Accompanied by her father, the girl, who is eight, ran a marathon and a half everyday. That's about 40 miles a day. Now, this leaves me with a strange quandary. Should I be shocked by this story or should I be proud of this story? I really don't know.
  • The death toll is rising in Iraq following the truck bomb attack from last week. It is now at 500 people. These numbers are still liable to rise.
  • There is a lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. If you are hardbody enough to wake up, you should look at this nifty guide from NASA, chocked with eclipse informational goodness.
  • Having an affair is a bad idea. Writing down the sordid details of that affair is even worse. But, then again, she is a journalist.
  • Howard Kurtz writes a fluff piece on the obscenely attractive and ridiculously qualified CNBC anchor Erin Burnett. If you ever need to learn how to write a fluff piece, just read Kurtz's work. But, to be fair to Kurtz, I'd want to write a fluff piece on Erin Burnett too; she's hot enough to justify disregarding your journalistic morality for a few hours in her aura. No one can touch her; they might spontaneously combust.
  • Jessica Alba has stooped pretty low before. The event that stands out in my mind is calling her ex-boyfriend to break up with him then sending people over to her house to move out his stuff. I thought that was pretty low. But, at the Teen Choice Awards, she called out someone who wouldn't date her when she was seven. I kind of wish I was making this one up.
  • Is it me or is this guy way too pretty? There's a story attached, but I don't really care about that so much.
Seriously though, if I actually cared about business, I would watch CNBC regularly for Burnett. She's on that level of quality.