Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Information Stream: Ideas for a New Generation

The issue that has been all over the newspapers and cable news syndicates has been the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. Everyone is happy that this has happened, but many are still questioning where the White House will go from this current position and whether they will decide to try to put in another partisan. Also, there is a larger scandal involving Idaho Senator Larry Craig. He was trying to get dome in the Minneapolis airport Men's bathroom (you can connect the dots yourself) but was caught by the police. Additionally, he pled guilty to lewd conduct since he never did get that dome. I was actually going to spend some time going through that on its own. Once I realized that, I looked at my other tabs only to realize that most of my tabs were related to the Craig case. Since this wasn't going into the stream, I only had a little bit of information left to put in here.

So, to start, we travel to England where the Liberal Democrats (think Green Party in America) were trying to outlaw gas-based cars in the country by 2040. I doubt this has a very high likelihood of happening, but still it's very ballsy for them to try to pull such a manoeuvre.
There's no chance this would fly in America, at least not for another fifty years. I would put some article from New York about Matt Drudge here, but that runs on the assumption that any of you actually care about this dude. I know who he is, and I barely care about him. I haven't read the Drudge Report since the late 90s. But, in something that everyone can relate to, the best way ever to leave. Even better than Scarface's exit in Half Baked.