Friday, April 13, 2007

The Beauty of Lip Synching

Milli Vanilli tried to make a career out of lip synching. Jennifer Lopez is doing it right now with her albums and a sham of an international tour a year or two ago. Neither of the two previously mentioned people can really sing at all. Rob and Fab tried to prove it with a second album, which is like having nails scratch across a chalkboard. Many mainstream pop artists don't bother to put on a real performance, cheating their audience of the money that they have paid for their show. If I go to a concert, I expect to hear the band play as this is a situation where a person is not forced to lip sync; the artist has made a conscious choice to do so.

If you are willing to play a live show, but the show has forced you to lip sync, why not fake it? This is what Blur did on Top of the Pops playing There's No Other Way. Pay attention to Graham Coxon's guitar solo in the middle of this song. Hilarious.

I'm still fixing with my schedule and waiting for some actual news to appear that I can blog about. I, unintentionally, decided to start blogging at the worst possible time ever.