Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Defense of Not Dancing

I listen to a lot of indie rock. Some might even call me a "hipster." I never would, but I have had the title leveled at me a few times. For some reason, this is entailed with being unemotional and detached from a show, unwilling to dance for a fear of not looking cool. For me, personally, this could be farther from the truth. I don't dance at shows or anywhere else except the confines of my own house because I'm not huge on dancing. I'd rather hang out or spin records than dance. I never found the allure of getting run into people and having booze spilled on me by someone trying to freak to the same songs I have been listening to since I was 15. Also, just because I'm not dancing doesn't mean that I'm at the show just to be seen. I only go to shows to experience new sounds and listen to bands practice their craft. It's more interesting to me to watch a band ply their craft actively with smoothness. Some are chaotic, some are relaxing, but as long as they are good, it's always fun even if we don't dance.

So, please dancing concertgoers and other dancers, please stop attacking me and my non-dancing brethren. We are just doing our thing. Let us do our thing without persecution. If someone is hesitant to go on the floor, stop and talk to them. They are probably pretty captivating and interesting to talk to for an hour or two. And dancing isn't a good indication for anything.

This post is all for today. Sorry for the thinness of posting. Not a lot is happening and I have been busy today doing stuff. I'll leave you with two videos for my non-dancers. They are Symphony by Experimental Aircraft and Tugboat by Galaxie 500