Monday, April 9, 2007

MSNBC: A Passionate Appeal

I have been watching MSNBC for the last few weeks, primarily because I was bored with watching CNN all of the time. This was one of the worst times ever to make such a decision. Why? Three words: Anna Nicole Smith. For some unknown reason, MSNBC is obsessed with this case. As I type right now, Contessa Brewer is talking to her correspondent in Nassau, Bahamas who has been there for weeks now since Rita Cosby was taken out behind the shed and shot like a dog by MSNBC for no apparent reason other than that they didn't like her. But, I digress. Since Ms. Smith's death, MSNBC has covered every aspect of this case. Even as the baby's father is determined to the interest of very few, MSNBC is all over it. Some would call this thoroughness. I would call this beating a dead horse.

With this as a base, I have a few things to ask of MSNBC.

MSNBC: There are larger issues that you need to talk about than a C-List celebrity dying. For example, why is your morning wake up show done by a flaming, irrelevant racist? Why can't any of your anchors hold down the chair for more than an hour? Norah's pregnant; she can't really go anywhere. Why does Contessa Brewer frequently looked confused during breaking news? Whatever happened to Buchanan and Press? I'd rather watch batshit crazy Buchanan for an hour than Tucker Carlson. Also, why not hook up Mike Barnicle with some programming time other than subbing on Hardball? Speaking of which, tell Chris Matthews he doesn't have to yell. He's killing the treble in my TV speakers.