Friday, April 13, 2007

Hip-Hop Friday

Maybe this will be the friday theme in lieu of random 10's, which is on sunday. I love hip-hop. I grew up with hip-hop, and it is a part of me. That's why I am sad to see it falling down the drain through the work of mainstream rap artists who are more concerned with making money than actually working to perfect their craft and be the best artists they can be. With that in mind, I'm am going to post pure hip-hop videos each friday. This week, it was spurred on by a conversation I had about the art of beatboxing.

I find beatboxing to be a good display of talent, but, essentially, worthless on its own. It never grabbed me as a form. I always preferred the use of the 1s and 2s aka the Turntables. These videos are just displays of what can be done with two turntables, and the true kaleidoscope of color that real hip-hop is. It's not just menacing scrawny Black dudes with bad fashion sense and questionable teeth. If you don't get this, you probably don't understand what hip-hop is really about, and you need to recognize...quick. The shit you hear on the radio isn't hip-hop. This is real hip-hop.

DJ Shortee Juggling "Watch Out Now" by the Beatnuts

Grand Master Q-Bert- The Greatest One Handed

Roc Raida Juggling "Push It"