Friday, April 13, 2007

We've Now Officially Fucked Up

There's tons of stuff that bothers me. The War, Misappropriated Taxes, Wasted Money, Missile Defense Systems that don't have awesome videos to go along with them. But, this has to top them all. America has decided to defend itself with DOLPHINS AND SEA LIONS!!!! I know this is for real because I read the first article a while ago when it was first suggested. My reaction was pretty much the same, only with about two minutes worth of expletives thrown in. I wouldn't feel bad in saying that this idea is bad as SDI during the Reagan Administration. And it's even worse because I don't get the cool SDI video.

Cool SDI Video

I don't have a anti-dolphin agenda. I have a anti-dumb project agenda. Why don't we spend money to actually secure our borders in lieu of spending money on training dolphins to be eaten by orcas. I seriously don't have enough words to tell you how disappointed I am that I don't get at least a graphic to show the stupidity of this idea.