Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Do Poorly With Vice Presidents

I haven't really posted today because I've been out on the town. I went to trivia night in Frederick. My team came in something other than 1st-3rd. We were going well until the end. We got jammed on a personality question about Justin Chambers of Grey's Anatomy, which is sad because four of the six people on our team ACTUALLY watch the show and should have known the answer. We were in first, but, due to our ineptness, we slipped to fourth. This was only a sign of things to come as the final question made us lose all but 20 points because we couldn't remember that Jack Kemp ran with Bob Dole in 1996. The conservative teams did. Anyway, that took up 6 hours of my time today. So, not too much posting on here. So, I will leave you with the video from now-defunct D.C. shoegaze band Alcian Blue. They were really something special.