Monday, April 9, 2007

Note to the Media: Let Her Go!

If you are not an ardent politics nerd like I am, the politics world has been abuzz over a fairly useless issue.

With Congress on break, Nancy Pelosi decided to take a trip to Israel and Syria to open up lines of communication to stop terrorism. A GOP delegation went a week earlier to little fanfare and discussion. But, when Pelosi went, it became pandering to the Syrians, a big wet kiss to President Al-Assad. She has been called the Neville Chamberlain of our time. ICYDK, Chamberlain forfeited the Sudetenland to Hitler prior to WWII with the intention that it would stop him from going to war. As we all well know, this didn't work and Chamberlain became history's punchline. Don't pull a Chamberlain!

She has been attacked for not having standing even though she is second in line for the Presidency in case of emergency as well as dictating the issues that will be discussed on the floor of the House. No, not an inkling of standing.

She has been called a tool of propaganda by the right. In a search to attack her on any basis, the media attacked her on wearing a headscarf in Syria.

As you can tell, much of this has little to do with anything involving Pelosi's actual credibility, the fact that she delivered an accurate message from Israel to the Syrians about wanting to start the peace process, and bringing hope to the Middle East for a peaceful future. This was a slander on Pelosi, pure and simple. She's being questioned on her well-earned merits, as she sitting in a position that she was elected by her peers to hold. The White House is aiming to ruin her actual standing as a congresswoman, and that's pitiful. What does it say about the Bush Administration when they slander a person who is trying to make their job easier? Stew on that, and watch this video of David Gregory on Meet The Press.