Monday, April 9, 2007


I am not going to comment on this in any way. I am not a dad nor am I someone's daughter curently. All I am is someone who is creeped out by this. Totally regular observer. If you want an idea of what you are getting into before you start, read this:

The older girls at the Broadmoor tonight are themselves curvaceous and sexy in backless dresses and artful makeup; next to their fathers, some look disconcertingly like wives. In fact, in the parlance of the purity ball folks, one-on-one time with dad is a “date,” and the only sanctioned one a girl can have until she is “courted” by a man. The roles are clear: Dad is the only man in a girl’s life until her husband arrives, a lifestyle straight out of biblical times. “In patriarchy, a father owns a girl’s sexuality,” notes psychologist and feminist author Carol Gilligan, Ph.D. “And like any other property, he guards it, protects it, even loves it.”

Don't say you haven't been warned. The Full Article.

For the record, if I had a daughter, I would never do this to them...ever. Women have the right to explore their sexuality. If anything, it makes life easier. With re: sex, let's face it: most guys are going to have a good time regardless. It's more about the woman in sex, and them knowing what they want. While the woman has been made into the object in sex, in reality, the male is the object in sex. The woman has to use the male to achieve her ends. Male ends are pretty easily achievable. If the woman doesn't know what she wants and how to get it, the whole process is pretty much useless. The only responsibility we have is to teach them how to explore themselves safely and responsibly, not instill a fear of sex within them because no one wins when that happens.