Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last Thing About Imus

On the real, this whole controversy has covered up something that is in dire need of attention: THE RUTGERS BASKETBALL TEAM IS ONE OF THE BEST WOMEN'S TEAMS IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!! They may have lost the championship, but they whipped up on their opponents up to that time. Don Imus and his pointless comment has taken away from the accomplishments of this team and their coach C. Vivian Stringer (for the record: I knew her name before the scandal). They were a 4 seed in this year's tournament and took out some of the best teams in the Women's game. It's a tragedy that a racist comment had to bring attention to one of the most pure games in the sports world: women's college basketball.

Women's college basketball is better than the men's game for a number of reasons, the most of which is they don't pass as much. The college men have a tendency to make the extra pass in lieu of driving the lane, which the women do far more frequently. Additionally, their shot clock is only 30 seconds instead of the preposterous 35 seconds for the men. Women's college basketball is routinely slept on for no good reason. Hopefully, people will now start looking at it and recognizing that, while they may not be the prettiest girls ever, they are certainly just as talented as the boys.