Monday, June 4, 2007

A Conversation between Posh and Cam'ron

CD: Oh my god, Victoria! What a surprise to see you here!
VB: Hey, Cameron! I know, I was in the area and I figured I'd drop in.
CD: What were you doing over this way?
VB: Turning tricks in the alley. Couldn't you tell?
CD: Yea, I should have known better, your bra showing in the back should have tipped me off. I'm feeling slow today. I have too much on my mind.
VB: Like what? You're attending a movie show. We'll get wasted afterwards.
CD: I know, but it's your dress. It's confusing me. It's zebra print!
VB: Yea. It's totally hot right?
CD: Er, yea...
VB: Anyway, what else is on your mind?
CD: This dress.
VB: Why? It's totally hot.
CD: I know, but I have to take my time doing things. Otherwise, I'll slip and the whole world will see what's underneath this skirt. I mean, this thing barely covers my nonexistent ass.
VB: Cam, whatevs. We'll just ball out, two streetwalkers at the MTV awards.
CD: Alright, plus, I don't know where my new dick is anyway.
VB: Isn't he behind you?
(CD turns around and kisses boyfriend)
CD: Hey you!

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