Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Hilton is Dead To Me

From herein, unless she saves the world or gets involved in a beef with Lindsay Lohan or another celebrity that I actually care about, Paris Hilton is dead to the editorial staff of Oh Stewardess...

Why you may ask? She was let out of jail today for medical reasons. It might just be me watching too much Oz, but the last time I checked, if you have a problem in jail, you go to the prison doctor who can usually do something about that. In the report from the AP, Hilton was refusing to eat the food being served to her. Boo hoo. I have no sympathy for Hilton. None.

She's going to be on house arrest for the last 40 days of her sentence, but that's bullshit. House arrest isn't really punishment. Hell, I'm on voluntary house arrest now and it's really easy. The only problem I might have with real house arrest is walking to my mailbox.

So, with this new travesty of justice going, I have decided that enough is enough. Paris Hilton is dead to this blog now except in extreme circumstances as noted above. And, if you think I'm lying, try me.