Friday, June 8, 2007

Peacing Out

All of the Paris Hilton coverage has gotten me down, so I'm going to go drink some kool-aid (that's right, haters) and read Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh. My friend Freddie sent it to me, and, as I have no previous experience with Waugh, I have to say I'm genuinely impressed by it. It's a really funny book and strangely salient to the current media obsession with the Hollywood jetset. Another friend is sending me a book about the Mexico City Olympics of 1968. It should be interesting, but I'm hoping that it is not a re-tread of the reading that I did on Muhammad Ali and Black Athletes for my seminar paper on him as an organic intellectual during the civil rights movement, rejecting the roles and ideas already established for him by the white media. In case you're interested in how he did this, all I have to say is no one he fought before he went to jail forgot that his name was Muhammad Ali.

But, that's not really material. On one of my email lists, we've been having a discussion about indiepop and enthusiasm. This is a band that I would be enthusiastic to see: The Wedding Present. This is one of my favorite bands. I would probably go to a desert island with a copy of Seamonsters. That's how much I like The Wedding Present. This is a video for their song My Favorite Dress off of George Best. And yes, it was named after that George Best.

Get off the net. Read a book.