Sunday, June 3, 2007

Something I Haven't Done For A While

I realized while I was resting on the rainy day here that I hadn't posted some random tracks, showing a clear sign of laziness. I wouldn't let that stand. So, I'm fixing that today. Additionally, I'm posting a video from a band called For Against. 80's shoegaze out of Nebraska. A criminally overlooked band that still plays today! I hope that I can catch them out in Nebraska sometime in the near future. Since I already seeing myself being out that way, it might be a cool trip to go on their turf and see the masters in the old watering hole.

Also, consider this an epilogue to the earlier post about breast cancer awareness. I was sitting at our table, kicking myself for forgetting that I needed to wear pink (I have forgotten both times) and some family friends arrive. Everything's cool, we are looking over and notice that one of the men has brought his other. She was an alright looking woman, but that is a point that is somewhat immaterial for this story as it didn't involve the front of her face. As I am facing directly at them, I notice that she is wearing a bra. While wearing a bra is not a bad thing, especially for a woman as endowed as her, it is when you are wearing a shirt that is not supposed to be worn with a bra. Men, you might not know what I'm talking about, but the women in the room do. You go out and you see that girl with her bra straps showing or the back of her bra is exposed. That's this chick. I thought I was the only person who noticed this, but Gretchen did as well and swiftly commented. Another woman also came by the table and made another observation that the rest of us didn't notice. She said it's ok if you are going to wear your bra out, but you can at least put the tag down. These are the people that will cure breast cancer.

Random Songs:

Androids of Mu - Bored Housewives
The Cure - Play For Today
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Dang
M.F. Doom - One Beer
Janet Jackson - Escapade
The Sugarcubes - Motorcrash
Saint Etienne - Boy Scouts of America
Pink and Brown - Meter Reader
DJ Drama and Little Brother - I Need You
The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape
Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet - Harlem by the Sea
Some Velvet Sidewalk - Right - Wrong
Geoffrey Landers - The Ever Decimal Pulse
The Soft Boys - Black Snake Diamond Rock
Kylie Minogue - Better the Devil You Know