Wednesday, June 6, 2007

He's Not My Candidate

At some point earlier on this blog, I've noted that, although he is the best chance that America has of having a Black president, Barack Obama is not my candidate. I think that he is like Clinton: all flash, no substance. I'm not a person to be swayed by someone just because they are in my grill all of the time. I don't know, guess it's who I am. If I were impressed that way, my room would be covered in Fergie posters, but I digress.

From the outpost of Blackness that is the Black Agenda Report, a man with a Nation of Islam pseudonym talks about the conundrum of Barack Obama being the new Black leadership even though at multiple points in time he has not only disavowed his own Blackness but also criticized other Blacks who have recognized that their race has forced them into something of a second-class citizen. Obama himself has said that there is no such thing as Black America, something that all Black Americans know is not true. It uses a lot of pseudo-intellectual Nation speak (if you don't know, read The Final Call and you'll understand), but it is a good article nonetheless. Read it and you'll understand further why I don't support Barack Obama.