Monday, June 4, 2007

Posh the Street Walker

Now, I know that Europe likes to break out of the mold and do things that us more puritanical Americans, but there is an invisible line that is drawn in the sand, reminding us that no matter what continent you are from: wrong is wrong.

This can be said for one Mrs. David Beckham, Victoria Beckham.

Now, I'm not one to criticize, but this is on a level with our current crazy fashionista Britney Spears. The exposed, mismatch bra. The absurd zebra print. The heavy swoops. I guess I'd rather have the heavy swoops than the cheap weaves that Britney has been rocking as of late as she tries to do her best Samuel L Jackson imitation. I kind of want the two of them to get into a catfight to find out who can be the tackiest. Posh's dress can go against Britney's two-animal pattern bra in a death match.

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