Monday, June 4, 2007

This is Why I Pay Attention To Lindsay Lohan

When Lindsay Lohan went to rehab for the first time, my heart sank a little bit. My mind applauded because she was getting the help that she so direly needed. My heart was sad because that crazy redhead starlet's antics were so much fun! The coke-filled rants. Crashing cars. Always partying and forcing your way on to the turntables. Oh, such lovely days. But, with her, I thought such revelations of Lindsay doing something shocking had gone away. Clearly, I was wrong.

As Lindsay goes into her second stint in rehab, new photos have turned up of Ms. Lohan. The best way that they can be described is as hot pseudo-lesbian knife fetish in a random house. Apparently, these photos were taken only a few weeks ago. The validity of this is immaterial to me. They could be photoshopped for all I care. These photos have now restored all faith that I had in Lindsay Lohan. This is the Lohan I know and love. This is why my heart didn't want Lindsay Lohan to sober up, even though the mind knows what is actually good for the girl. Lindsay, if you are reading this, please continue to do crazy shit. It is why I love you, Ms. Lohan.