Thursday, June 7, 2007

A New Approach

In England, society is not fighting against street toughs with guns, crackdowns, and other questionable methods. Oh no. Instead, society is fighting gangs with Cliff Richard records. Yes, that's right. Music is fighting the plight of street crime. According to the Guardian, Seth Carter, the owner of a fair in Essex, was bothered by the presence of 20 youths in hoodies. They were upsetting the families and making the environment uncomfortable. Carter remembered that Cliff Richard was playing on another ride that the youths wouldn't touch. So, he used that logic and played him over the entire system. The hoods ran out of the park "before the track was half over."

I didn't know who Cliff Richard was, so I looked it up on YouTube. Yo, this dude sucks. I don't have a problem with softer music, but this is terrible. Judge for yourself:

I would flee the fair if I heard this over the loudspeaker as well.