Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Lameass Channel

Now that the Women's College World Series is over for today and the French Open is already over for today, I have been struggling to find programming to watch for the day. The best option that has materialized is An Astronaut Scorned: The Lisa Nowak Story. An Astronaut Scorned is a one-hour documentary on the Lisa Nowak scandal, how she drove across the Southeastern United States to possibly kidnap/murder a romantic rival. Although the program is an hour, I'm fairly confident that I went over pretty much the primary material of this show. Time how long it takes you to read the sentence that starts An Astronaut Scorned. Multiply the time by about 10, and that's how long this program should have actually been. There's literally not an hour's worth of material to this story. The fact that they would even want to present this as a story that long is an affront to my intelligence and my connection to reality and current events. If this is what TLC is trying to pass off as respectable programming, the Discovery Channel should re-assess its goals for the channel. Yea, I'd rather someone shank me with a spoon than watch this any longer.