Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Barack Obama

If you aren't keeping up with the politics, there's an election cycle going on in America right now. This year is different because we have a Black guy and a woman who could actually make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. If you haven't noticed, I'm Black, so therefore, I should support the Black guy, right? Wrong. Actually, I can't stand Barack Obama as he reminds me of Clinton. Obama can't give straight answers, and, when he does answer, his language is dense yet hollow. He is a rock star right now. But, I don't want a rock star running the country. I want someone who is an actual politican and can lay down a simple, coherent political strategy. This post from the Smirking Chimp explains further why I'm not in love with Barack Obama. Personally, my money in this cycle on the same person that it was on in 2004: John Edwards. He's the only candidate whose positions that I like and feel like he can govern the country effectively.