Monday, May 14, 2007

Nudists are the New Hipsters

Since I don't really read my news on Sundays primarily because that day is generally my computer moratorium day, I just found this article on The Huffington Post. Apparently, the nudism industry is hitting a bit of a rough time in America, as young people are not flocking to nudist camps in the way that the geriatric set is. They are trying a number of different things to get young folks into the camps such as offering deep discounts and having younger people talk to their peers about the fun of nudism. While their attempts have to be rewarded immensely, there is a reason that their attempts have not worked: nature.

An aversion to nudity is not about the disinterest in seeing old folks walking around with their bits and junk all hanging around and out. Hell, that might actually be kind of hot seeing all that flesh jiggling around. Might be a bit much at times, but still pretty hot. Voyeurism aside, the problem with nudism is the fact that one would have to expose themselves to the full wrath of nature. Now, I was born in a swamp. Living in a swamp means that there's a lot of insects and bugs, things that can bite you on those same bits and junk that look hot while moving through the air playing lawn sports. I don't know about you, but I'm not trying to get bit on my junk just so I can express comfort with my own body. That's not how I roll.

But, if the negative effects of nature are neutralized, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to go nude. It sounds pretty hot, and you wouldn't have to guess about the opposite sex since everything is all out there. I need to find a nudist singles night. That has to be a horribly disorienting situation. I thought the whole point of singles night was to get someone home to see them naked. I guess that nudist singles nights are positive since you can't really imagine anything to distract you from the other person because it's all out there upfront. What do you think about this?