Thursday, May 17, 2007

Slight Disappointment

While I didn't like a lot of things about D.C., most of which related to government, I did like the fact that it was one of the cities where Black people were in power. This was to the city's benefit and detriment, but that is a discussion that we can have over coffee when we have like three hours to spare. But, with the ongoing bout of gentrification started by that ass Anthony Williams, the city is going to lose its Black majority. I'm sure this will make the Capitol Hill aides who are scared of Black people ecstatic*, but it disappoints me a bit. As long as the city doesn't become majority white, I'm alright. If it becomes majority white, they'll try to zone out Spicy Delight, the quality Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant in Takoma Park b/w Cedar & Maple on Carroll that has sketchy business hours. Best curries and rotis in the city, bar none. It's better than some of the food that I had in the Caribbean, and this one is next to a train station. Whatever you get, get it with the side of coco bread.

*white people: chill. I know all of you aren't racist. But, let's be real, some of you clutch your purses a little bit harder when you pass a black guy or divert your eyes when a Black woman walks past.